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I have collaborated with London based Elephant Magazine on a print.

Signed Limited Edition Archival Giclee Print

297 x 420 mm

Edition of 50

comes in a bespoke ribbon folio.(Black)

by Elephant Magazine, Elephant Kiosk.

Commissioned Works/

TOKYO CULTuART by BEAMS is dedicated to promoting contemporary Japanese culture to the world through the chaotic Tokyo-ness of art, design and culture produced in Tokyo.


PHYSICAL TEMPO is a well-known shop in the physical world where you can see, touch and smell.

Originally created for a "HENTAI" themed event, these "HENTAI" S■X been interpreted in a wide range of ways, from the abnormal to metamorphosis.

3new colors HENTAI S■X


Art Director /Taeko Isu

Model/Tomomi Tanaka

Image by Ignasi Casas

Elephant Magazine 45

Art direction by Tom Joyes

Supriya Lele’s Studio Recipe

Photography by Makoto Oono.

Find the designer’s recipe for Roast Aubergine Curry inside the issue.

Supriya Lele is Stitching Together a Flesh Take On Her Indian Heritage.

Words by Louise Benson

Supriya Lele

Photo by Jamie Hawkesworth

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