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その内の一人として、"Still Life" (静物画、静止している生活)という、強固な題名がSamePaperによって名付けられた写真集に参加します。


Antje Peters

Bobby Doherty

Caroline Tompkins

Charles Negre

DavidBrandon Geeting

Geray Mena

Harley Weir

Makoto Oono

Peng Ke

Sergiy Barchuk

Sophie Tianxin Chen

Thomas Albdorf

Xiaopeng Yuan

246 pages 21 × 27 × 2.4cm Edition of 900

Published by Same Paper

Amazine is a photography zine launched alongside the second issue of Closing Ceremony magazine. It echoes with the theme of main issue Americano, and the name comes from Amazon. We invited five photographers from different countries to join the project, using Amazon’s convenient return policy to allow them to purchase shooting props from local Amazon website. And to return them after the shooting. In this way, we are trying to tease the current trends of lifestyle as well as consumerism anxiety.

features 6 contributing photographers:

David Brandon Geeting

Makoto Oono

Ryan Duffin

Thomas Rousset

Xiaopeng Yuan

Zhongjia Sun

44 pages Same Paper presents Summer, 2019

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