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An insect appreciation project #1

I participated in an interesting project.

-It is a free print magazine, pairing facts about ants with paintings, drawings, and photographs. The project is meant to spark peoples' interest in ants and other insects, especially for those who are not into nature documentaries and such. It will include calls for donations for environmental organizations and other resources.

Ant Fact Archive

Published out of Berlin and Amsterdam by Joscha Bruckert

An insect appreciation project combining visual arts and amateur myrmecology,

Thomas Albdorf,

Neven Allgeier,

Inès Di Folco,

Loren Erdrich,

Satoshi Fujiwara,

Anna Lea Hucht,

Claudia Keep,

Joss McKinley,

Rūtė Merk,

Makoto Oono,

Sophie Reinhold,

Anne Schwalbe,

Cosima zu Knyphausen

28 pages DIN A4, recycling paper

available online and up for grabs in selected Berlin locations


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